Face masks.

Face masks have recently become a real must have. There’s a countless number of all kinds of face masks on the market, but do they really give what they promise?Let’s find out.. The masks on the picture are all masks that I’ve managed to collect during occasional unintended beauty shop visits this summer. I’ve usedContinue reading “Face masks.”

LUSH Christmas Edition Bath Bombs, Lipstick and Perfumes

Hi everyone! It’s me again and this time I’m introducing to you an Influencer Edition Video! 🙂I got invited to the Lush Influencer Showroom where I was introduced to the new Christmas Edition Bath Bombs, Lipsticks and wonderful Perfumes.I’ve talked to a lot of people on Instagram about Lush products and the reflections on theContinue reading “LUSH Christmas Edition Bath Bombs, Lipstick and Perfumes”