MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018


The Vienna Fashion Week 2018 was held in September right at the location of Vienna’s Museums Quartier. I was, obviously, pretty amazed by the show since it was
very amusing, creative and I must say, quite unexpected. 
Thanks to the influencer platform and to the MQ Vienna Fashion Week organisation, me and my friend Marija were VIP guests that day! 
You can watch the video below and scroll down for more photos!

Watch the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

Below you can see the 2018 program sponsored and presented by Škoda. I was really amazed by the closing show and Vic Cooper really did an amazing job!

I had the chance to visit the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018 on a lovely Sunday

The opinions and views expressed are my own. The tickets to the show were gifted to me.

Feel free to ask any questions and comment below!

Ideal of Sweden |Phone Cases and other Accessories


Hi guys!
Who hasn’t seen these beautiful designs on Instagram yet?

I know I have, that’s why I was so happy when I got my freebie from Ideal of Sweden, for promoting their 50 % discount on Black Friday purchases.

The trendy phone cases, wallet cases and other accessories  from Ideal Sweden are just irresistibly beautiful, that’s why I wanted to share with you the discount code SANTA50 with 50 % discount off your purchase (which I got with the delivered phone case).

It is valid until December 31

Enjoy babes!

Ideal of Sweden
The Blue Marble Design

This is not a paid advertisement. I got the phone case as a freebie.