Foreo Luna Play – brush or sex toy?

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I know the title seems very funny, but I couldn’t help it. The name “Luna Play” doesn’t exactly remind you of cleansing brushes, right?

Also, I have to say, the vibrations made me think of young girls who want to play like Luna but are too afraid to reach out to the adults candy store, so instead, they buy a brush called Luna Play and the many other versions of it, available in many beautiful colours, then end up, not only using them for their facial wash. Because why would you spend 50 € for a facial cleanse brush?

Jokes aside, the vibrations make the morning and night routine a beautiful calming ritual. I’m a person that suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding), which makes headaches and facial muscle stiffness a normal state of mine. When I wash my face with my Neutrogena Visibly Clear Peeling ( I swear it makes my skin smooth, I have no idea how, but it really does), I put some of it on my skin, apply water to the brush because the brush is water resistant, although it runs on batteries and enjoy the calming massage – vibrations, foam, those little soft bristles.

The material is antibacterial, so you don’t have to worry about disinfecting the thing – I’m using it for over a year, the battery still runns and the material proved me right.

As I suffer from adult acne, I can confirm that using a brush like this every morning and every night, really helps you wash that pores from any impurity, but you might aswell do it without the vibrations. The special thing about Luna Play is that she relaxes you and makes this process a pure pleasure.

Foreo Luna Play

This product was received as an PR Sample and because of the social media laws in Austria, I have to mark this post as an Advertisement.

Still, the opinions above are my own. Hope you liked my review!

Face masks.


Face masks have recently become a real must have. There’s a countless number of all kinds of face masks on the market, but do they really give what they promise?
Let’s find out..

The masks on the picture are all masks that I’ve managed to collect during occasional unintended beauty shop visits this summer. I’ve used a lot of others too, but I will save those comments for later posts. 

Beauty masks from Primark, Müller, DM etc.
Now there’s even more of them!

My mission will be to try each and every one of them, regardless of their price or purpose, for I will try to find the best one for hydration, wrinkles, plumping effect or acne prone skin.

Every time I try a new one, I will publish a new post and the links will be posted right here! 🙂

Mrs. Nap Deal Temporary Tattoos


As an Instagram micro influencer, you get collaboration offers daily. You have to decide which one fits your style and once you’ve said yes – the fun starts!

The photo below shows me doing a yoga headstand (casually haha) with some comfy winter socks, a matching red oversized sweater and a hip tattoo! A lot of people were actually shocked to see me having a tattoo – don’t worry, you didn’t miss on me doing that step in life 😀

It’s just a temporary tattoo from Mrs. Nap Deal
Visit their website for a lot of cool festival and arm tattoo offers!

My tattoo is an arm tattoo called Toxic Women – but that didn’t stop me to fulfill my long hidden hip tattoo wish!

If you want to find out more about this tattoo and how satisfying the price and the quality are, visit my newest YouTube Video.

LUSH Christmas Edition Bath Bombs, Lipstick and Perfumes


Hi everyone!

It’s me again and this time I’m introducing to you an Influencer Edition Video! 🙂
I got invited to the Lush Influencer Showroom where I was introduced to the new Christmas Edition Bath Bombs, Lipsticks and wonderful Perfumes.
I’ve talked to a lot of people on Instagram about Lush products and the reflections on the brand are divided into positive and negative!

What do you think? Please share your opinion in the comments below and follow me on YouTube and Instagram for more!

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The brand advertises itself as vegan/vegetarian, freshly made cosmetics with natural ingredients. I would say that the ingredients are MOSTLY natural but they do consist of fillers and preservatives. Also, I do advise girls to be careful with the bath bombs, since a lot of people told me that they can mess up the pH values down there. But I think that this happens with any bath cosmetic product, shower gels etc. if not used properly.


A really cute thing I’ve found out during the visit to the Lush Christmas Editon Introduction is that the production for Lush Austria is held in Samobor, Croatia – a very cute small Croatian city near Zagreb – which means that they really rely on cruelty-free practices since they use honey, yogurt and eggs from farm animals that live freely and happily in Croatia’s farms “We’ve been fighting against animal testing for more than 30 years because we don’t believe in cruelty to animals: not for food, not for clothing and definitely not for cosmetics.” 

On the other hand, Croatian labor is cheaper so its a win-win for them. 😀


They produce cosmetics without plastic packaging! You can choose between two options for lipsticks: the lipstick in plastic sleeves – they recycle their own products and reuse the plastic for the lipstick sleeves, also you can buy the naked lipstick refill – a refill for used up MAC lipstick sleeves. Also the CINDER Shower Gel seen in the video above is one of the NAKED products.

Once again, there’s a corporate decision behind everything and not having plastic packaging also means cheaper production (but no lower prices?!) – still, I’m fine with that, as long as they keep on recycling and reducing plastic packaging – let’s help mother earth!


Let’s be honest, the products really smell amazing! And some of the favourites were turned into perfumes and perfume oils! How cool is that?

I’ve received a sample from the Calacas Spray Perfume which you can also see in the video above. It has a wonderful sweet lemon scent, but I do not recommend it for everybody since my boyfriend says that I smell like a freshly washed bathroom.


Santa Bomb Bomb is the bath bomb I received as a sample ans it smells amazing! It consists of two bombs, one for the body and the other is the head – vanilla, cocoa and bergamot oil. He’s sitting on my desk and my whole room smells like heaven because of him. Thanks Santa!

Other Christmas edition products – Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar (NAKED Sparkle Oil!! The pink star is made of cocoa butter and filled with sparkling powder!! How cool is that? But watch out – mine melted in my bag the way home and the powder spilled out 😦 That sucks.

Snowman Bomb Bomb, Princess Bomb Bomb and many others which you can also see in the video above!

Hope you liked the post, if so please leave a comment below and of course, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me!


ADVERTISEMENT – I was invited to the Lush Austria Influencer Showroom as an Instagram Influencer and received free product samples from Lush Austria.
The opinions are my own.

Harfinity Hair Vitamins

Hairfinity, for longer hair. Sounds great, but is it?

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Hello babes, it’s me again.

A few months ago, I got a couple of products from Hairfinity. The brand promises sugar, spice & everything nice, but does it actually work? Read about it in this article.

I’ve got a few free products from Hairfinity during their Instagram Campaigns – the CLEANSE AND CONDITION KIT and the HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins
and I wanted to share my opinion on those products, with you. Like any product, there are some pros and cons to it, so let me start with the pros: