Lifestyle in Vienna : Museum of Ilusions and a visit to the dentist office


I’ve neglected my teeth so it was about time to visit the dentist. This was an unpaid promotion, in which I got the oral hygiene treatment (look it up in the video) and in the next video, I’ll be posting about the bleaching treatment I got a couple of weeks later.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Illusions in Vienna and it was so much fun! I got free tickets thanks to this influencer collaborations app called Freachly. If you want, I’ll gladly write a list of apps and platforms for influencer campaigns, so you can look them up and maybe join the campaigns too.

That’s why I am happy to invite you to watch my first VLOG ❤

And I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it.

All of the opinions expressed are my own.

Valentine’s day DIY 3D pop up cards and how to make them!


Valentine’s day has already passed (thank god haha :D) but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your loved ones with these cute gift ideas!
Create your own 3D pop-up card and let me lead you step by step through three types of designs I’ve prepared for you!

First I’ll show you the three types, then we’ll decorate and finish them so you can see my end results at the end 😀

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but…

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… I don’t like to beat about the bush. My posts are very short and focused, as everything in the millennial kids world is. Our focus span is just too short and we have to manage as much as possible in as little time as possible. It’s a constant race against time, we race through the day in order to finish everything while the sun is still shinning (and before the beer gathering at the pub starts), we race through the week in order to get that FRIYAY feel, we race through the year to finally get that instasummer goalz and show off our BIKINI BODY.
As on of those racers, I have to say, it’s not that bad to seize the day as much as possible. We didn’t hype for nothing phrases as:

Seize the day!

Live every day as if it was your last!

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.

But is this level of motivation and persistence pressure really healthy? I mean, I feel useless for having only a blog, three Instagram accounts, twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Tumblr, Vevo, and and and…..

We constantly scroll through our main feeds in search for the perfect lives, looking at perfect people who are even younger and more successful than we are and we wonder… We wonder why! What’s wrong with us? Why aren’t we that successful? Are we ever going to be sucesful? Am I doing something wrong? Am I ever going to be able to afford anything seen on those luxury travel seaside photos?

You so persistent and motivated, you just have to get that energy flowing!
You start working out before work, you dress for the job you want not the one you have, then you give your best at work, because sooner or later it will be your time to shine, someone will notice, you’re so sure of it! Then you use your free time for your individual goals in life, cause you want to be that Instagram Influencer one-o-one. And since you want to have it all, beauty, success and a rich social life, you continue into the night!

And after some time your questions start to sound like this: will I ever be able to afford myself some peaceful me-time?

With this tempo on the rise and everything changing as quick as the mobile technology industry, I would dare to say: no.

Then you realize you can’t function as a robot, you are seeking constant productivity and you are not able to achieve it. That’s when you discover yoga, meditation, feng shui, and so much other exotic interesting relaxation, peacefulness, and balance methods but you realize you’ve overbooked yourself with so much stuff and you just don’t have the guts to stop it now that you’ve started to smell the flowers.

The again, maybe this kind of behaviour isn’t actually a millenial thing. People always strived to success and being able to have a purpose on earth and leave a mark.

Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?

Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que será, será
What will be, will be

People always wondered what their life would be and all we want to be is happy.

Face masks.


Face masks have recently become a real must have. There’s a countless number of all kinds of face masks on the market, but do they really give what they promise?
Let’s find out..

The masks on the picture are all masks that I’ve managed to collect during occasional unintended beauty shop visits this summer. I’ve used a lot of others too, but I will save those comments for later posts. 

Beauty masks from Primark, Müller, DM etc.
Now there’s even more of them!

My mission will be to try each and every one of them, regardless of their price or purpose, for I will try to find the best one for hydration, wrinkles, plumping effect or acne prone skin.

Every time I try a new one, I will publish a new post and the links will be posted right here! 🙂

Mrs. Nap Deal Temporary Tattoos


As an Instagram micro influencer, you get collaboration offers daily. You have to decide which one fits your style and once you’ve said yes – the fun starts!

The photo below shows me doing a yoga headstand (casually haha) with some comfy winter socks, a matching red oversized sweater and a hip tattoo! A lot of people were actually shocked to see me having a tattoo – don’t worry, you didn’t miss on me doing that step in life 😀

It’s just a temporary tattoo from Mrs. Nap Deal
Visit their website for a lot of cool festival and arm tattoo offers!

My tattoo is an arm tattoo called Toxic Women – but that didn’t stop me to fulfill my long hidden hip tattoo wish!

If you want to find out more about this tattoo and how satisfying the price and the quality are, visit my newest YouTube Video.

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018


The Vienna Fashion Week 2018 was held in September right at the location of Vienna’s Museums Quartier. I was, obviously, pretty amazed by the show since it was
very amusing, creative and I must say, quite unexpected. 
Thanks to the influencer platform and to the MQ Vienna Fashion Week organisation, me and my friend Marija were VIP guests that day! 
You can watch the video below and scroll down for more photos!

Watch the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

Below you can see the 2018 program sponsored and presented by Škoda. I was really amazed by the closing show and Vic Cooper really did an amazing job!

I had the chance to visit the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018 on a lovely Sunday

The opinions and views expressed are my own. The tickets to the show were gifted to me.

Feel free to ask any questions and comment below!

#1 Facts about me

About me

Hi guys!

I wish you all a happy new year! May this year be even better than the previous!

Today I wanted to introduce myself to you. Once you realize that you and only you can choose what you are going to post on social media and that only you can control what kind of a person people are going to see on your social media and blog channels – it’s a mind-blowing realization. (Visit me on my Instagram account sabixsm) I know this sounds funny but I realized that the things I post actually represent a totally different person. That’s why I wanted to tell you a little bit more about myself .

Did you know that being a happy optimistic person can be a blessing but also a curse? Let me tell you more…

So today, I’ll unravel my mind to you and present to you one fact about me (for starters).
I bet you didn’t know that I’m actually the same type of person as the “Sunny Day” girl from season 8 “Scrubs”. I literally laugh and smile all the time, when I’m happy, when I’m nervous, when I meet new people even when I’m scared, I’ve got that nervous cracking laugh. Even writing this down makes me smile because now I realize what kind of a freak I am.

And the saddest part of it all is that laughing was very much a problem a lot of the times. In school, people told me I had to be high to laugh that much – which also, made me laugh more.


Later on, meeting parents of my former boyfriends was really weird. One time, I was so joyful and happy – I just thought everything worked out fine, although they were analyzing me the whole time which made me a bit nervous (which, of course, made me chuckle) – according to my former boyfriend, the only thing they said about me was “she sure laughs a lot”. But not in an approving way.

Stuff like that happened really often as people would act more serious around me like they were trying to say “get your shit together”.

But although all of that happened, they didn’t get me down. I don’t care, I’m an optimistic, kind and helpful person, that’s just who I am. And there were many times when laughing and smiling was the right thing to do.

I’ll never forget one friend of mine saying: “Sabina, you always laugh at my jokes, around you I almost feel like I’m an interesting person.”. He told me that I actually help him build up his confidence. And that’s how he has built up mine.