Foreo Luna Play – brush or sex toy?

I know the title seems very funny, but I couldn’t help it. The name “Luna Play” doesn’t exactly remind you of cleansing brushes, right?

The special thing about Luna Play is that she relaxes you and makes this process a pure pleasure.

Also, I have to say, the vibrations made me think of young girls who want to play like Luna but are too afraid to reach out to the adults candy store, so instead, they buy a brush called Luna Play and the many other versions of it, available in many beautiful colors, then end up, using them for their “facial wash”. Because why would you spend 50 € for a facial cleanse brush?

Jokes aside, the vibrations make the morning and night routine a beautiful calming ritual. I’m a person that suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding), which makes headaches and facial muscle stiffness a normal state of mine. When I wash my face with my the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Peeling ( I swear it makes my skin smooth, I have no idea how, but it really does), I put some of it on my skin, apply water to the brush because the brush is water resistant, although it runs on batteries and enjoy the calming massage – vibrations, foam, those little soft bristles.

The material is antibacterial and the brush is easily washable. I’m using it for over a year, the battery still runs and the material proved me right.

As I suffer from adult acne, I can confirm that using a brush like this every morning and every night, really helps you wash that pores from any impurity, but I’m sure you might as well do it without the vibrations. The special thing about Luna Play is that she relaxes you and makes this process a pure pleasure.

Foreo Luna Play

This product was received as an PR Sample and because of the social media laws in Austria, I have to mark this post as an Advertisement.

Still, the opinions above are my own. Hope you liked my review!

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